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Double Tee Flooring


Double Tee flooring units consist of two prestressed ribs and a connecting top slab. The depth of the double Tee can vary from 200 to 550mm. The connecting slab or flange is 2400mm wide x 50mm thick. Double Tees are ideally suited for larger spanning floors with a wide variety of services suspended from the flooring system. Double tees can easily accommodate large floor voids/penetrations through the slab region. The cast insitu topping is a min 65mm thick.

Sound Transmission

A major practical benefit of a concrete floor is its ability to reduce noise transmission

Fire Resistance Rating

2400mm wide unit = 90min fire resistance rating. Increased fire ratings can be achieved with specific design.


Double Tee strength = 45 MPa at 28 days

Topping strength = 25 MPa at 28 days

For further advice on flooring systems or technical information please contact Ultimate Engineered Concrete. Our experienced and qualified staff will be happy to discuss your flooring design.

Double Tee Flooring - 1
Double Tee Flooring