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Insulated Wall Panels


The Insulated sandwich concrete panel system maximizes thermal efficiency by combining insulation with the high thermal mass properties of concrete.

Insulated panels are commonly used for residential housing and commercial construction such as libraries, schools, prisons or office complexes. Best suited in situations where outside temperatures reach extreme levels, because of its ability to moderate temperature fluctuation inside the building.

How the Insulated Concrete Sandwich Panel System Works

Insulated concrete panels combine concrete anchoring technology with the science of heat transfer.  Proprietary Connector pins lock in a thickness of insulation between two concrete layers to produce a wall with exceptional resistance to heat transfer, which can be lifted, erected, and installed as a single unit. The internal concrete wall provides the structural strength and thermal mass, the insulation layer reduces the flow of heat energy into or out of this thermal mass, and the external wall provides physical protection to the insulation layer. By varying the thickness of each layer, different structural and thermal properties can be achieved.

Transport Erection & Propping

Wall panels are typically transported to the building site on their edge on ‘A’ frames, or may be transported flat if the design allows.

Maximum panel sizes and panel weights should be considered to avoid the need to have to use special vehicles or lifting requirements. Our team will provide advice on the optimum panel sizes for efficient transportation and on-site crane useage.

Wall panels should be lifted from the truck, rotated if necessary, and placed in position on the structure by the lifting points provided. While the panel is still attached to the crane, the panel should be temporarily propped in its final position, de-propping should take place on the specifying engineers instruction.

Our experienced and qualified staff are available to answer any further questions you may have about our insulated wall panels.

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Insulated Wall Panels