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Precast Beams and Columns

Precast beams and columns are a cost-effective way of providing a fire-resistant concrete system that can be used for parking garages, offices, apartments or almost any construction project. A complete precast concrete beam, column, and flooring system can be used in place of most steel or timber systems.

Ultimate has the capacity to manufacture columns to suit any precast projects. From multi-level offices and apartments to residential dwellings.

Benefits include:

  • Factory production ensures dimensional accuracy and a specified surface finish.
  • Delivery can be guaranteed to a mutually agreed schedule.
  • Precast units can be quickly erected and provide a tidy, uncluttered and safe working area.
  • Units are maintenance free and fire resistant.
  • Less skilled labour is required

Further technical information is available from Ultimate Engineered Concrete including recommendations for manufacture, transport and erection.

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Precast Beams and Columns